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And Then I Tell The World Where It Can Put Its Wrinkle Cream

Society, you are working my nerves. You–we–have created such a toxic, self-absorbed, superficial, idiotic culture that I’m having issues with it as an adult. What are you going to do to my kids in a few years? My girls? They kind of like who they are, you know. I’d like to keep it that way. It (my poorly muted rage, I mean) all started with a dermatologist. I’d been meaning to get a skin check for a while now–I’m fair skinned, nor the best about sun protection–and after a mom acquaintance of mine discovered that she’s in the fight of her life with Stage 3 melanoma, I figured now is better than later to get that weird new mark checked out. I was super nervous about this appointment, which took seven months to get. I didn’t know what to expect, and of course, was scared about what they’d say. So, at appointment time, I sat in my gown on the edge of my seat, and waited. It turned into one of the weirdest doctor’s appointments…