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Green Monster, Cookie Dough Style

I make smoothies for the girls all the time. It’s become a routine, as part of breakfast or as a snack, with one little helper standing on the stool (she’s the one that gets first dibs on the yogurt spoon), and another who will bravely push the button to start the whole mess a-whirrin’.  But then I kept hearing people rave about something awkwardly frightening called a Green Monster smoothie.  A couple of food bloggers I follow can’t stop proclaiming their joy over these ugly concoctions, practically calling them miracle workers for all of of life’s ills:  colds, depression, jobs going down the tube.  Just drink a green monster, packed full of spinach and banana and calcium goodness, and you’re riding on a ray of sunshine with a unicorn as your guide. All of this green monster talk just happens to correspond with that little McDonald’s problem I was talking to you about.  I seriously don’t know myself anymore.  With my pregnancies with SK and Quinn, I ate ice cream and sweets like my place in this world depended on them (as it turned…