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Checking Myself

I love childhood. The watching of it, I mean. I know my last post was all sorts of grumpy and scattered (and apparently typo-filled, from what I just saw. For a former teacher and editor, I’m looking a little rusty), and I still haven’t wrangled this crazy mess (in my house, in my head, whichever) under control, but I really do love it. I was watching the girls today after lunch, before Quinn’s (attempt at a) nap. We’d just gotten home from a playdate with a bunch of my old from-the-beginning stay-at-home mom friends, and everybody was sort of relaxed and happy. The girls climbed up on the living room coffee table to sit, something they’re not exactly allowed to do, but immediately got absorbed in their playing, so I watched them for a moment instead of jumping to the usual reprimand. And I just wanted to swoop them into my arms and hug them forever, keep them this way as long as I can. Because it’s election day, and everyone I know, myself included, is up in arms about the outcome, and…