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Get that Mosh Pit Away from Me

I, like a lot of people who love music, used to go out to hear bands play all the time. I’ve been to big concerts in huge arenas to little shows in tiny dives. I’ve heard punk bands in basements and bands that called themselves punk before a major record label offered them a deal in stadiums. I’ve heard music that’s hardcore, folk, independent, country, bluegrass, goth, ska (you do remember ska, don’t you?) electronic, acoustic, rock. You get the idea. And then, as it always happens when you start procreating, our money and time got funneled into other, more child- and home-centric activities. Porches got built, and babies got diapered. Our wake up call came at 6:30 a.m. no matter if it was a weekend morning or not. David and I would go out for an occasional dinner-and-a-movie date and end up forgoing the  movie because it’d mean we’d be up too late.   For the first year after each of our girls was born, I was breastfeeding, and really, if there was any way I could avoid using that…