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Hey, Spare a Dime? I Need Some Sense

David had hauled out the miter saw, getting ready to go to work on the new tops for the tables we keep poolside (doesn’t that make us sound all richie-rich, using words like “poolside?”  Like we walk around saying, “Oh, just bring me that martini poolside, dahling, and be sure to make it a dirty,” when we’re really like, “Dude, will you throw me a beer out of that cooler?  Try not to get the cap in the water, man.  Thanks.”).  We were so happy about a week ago.  We’d replaced our old pool furniture with some snazzier stuff (and by snazzier, I mean they weren’t plastic and covered with mildew).  And because nothing says “luxury” like prowling the discounted inventory at Lowe’s in mid-July, we also ended up getting a couple of little tables.  Yes, they had glass in their tops, and yes, it is a ridiculously stupid idea to put glass on top of concrete mere feet away from the pool, the liner of which you spent about a bazillion dollars to replace just two years ago, but…