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You Get the Idea

I don’t have my wits about me to write proper paragraphs today, so bullet points it is, my friends. You’ll find that I’m on a roll with the  things: We took our house off the market, at least until the contract with our agent is terminated/expires. And because I’m too chickensquat to tell our agent to her face (or ear, I guess) why we’re so unhappy with her, I just sent her a long, detailed, professional-yet-oh-so-pointed email explaining all that David and I have been railing and gnashing our teeth about in private. I even included bullet points. A bit much, maybe, but seeing how we’ve talked with our agent about once in two months, I figured I have to get everything out while I can, right? Yeah, that’s how bad it’s been.  Someone please tell me that this process can happen without being so draining. Anybody? Anybody? I scrubbed the kitchen floor just now, hands-and-knees style.  It’s all rainy and dreary out so I really had no excuse to leave the house and avoid…