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Gosling Wouldn’t be That Bad

When we first found out we were baking another extra-large bun in this not-so big oven (helloooo, c-section!), I started calling the entity in my belly “B3.” I liked it. The kiddos’ last name starts with B, so it makes sense. And it sounded cool, like the baby was some sleek, refined stealth bomber or missile or something (not quite so sure why I want to name my child after a weapon, but I’m blaming the hormones). And it became fun to talk about B3. Saoirse is now telling me that she really wants this new baby to be a boy, and that’d she’d very much like him to be named “Tree.”  I have to admit, I don’t actually mind Tree. The child would most definitely be mistaken for one of the Palin kids, though, so Tree is out. Just don’t tell SK quite yet. And David. Oh, man, I did this to myself. I have seen a total of one episode of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels. One, because if I’m subjected to any more of Rosie Pope…