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We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

We had two birthday parties for Saoirse Sunday. Yes, that’s what I said. Two birthday parties, one right after the other.  Saturday, we were doing our “homework” around the house to prep it for listing, since we’re supposed to meet with our agent this week. I’m typing this right now from my spot on the (recently decluttered) floor, face down on the carpet, slightly catatonic, quietly begging for somebody to bring me some wine. Here’s how it went down: Saturday morning, I cleaned out a bunch of miscellaneous stuff, the biggest being the playroom, again. Most everything is gone: a bunch of stuff is in the trunk of David’s car on the way to our local charity’s drop-off center, a bunch of other toys were packed away into bins and bags for the crawl space, which is quickly filling up. David was flying around the house, doing the heavy lifting, replacing lighting fixtures in a bathroom, alternating between cursing under his breath and whistling 50 Cent songs (you know, because it’s her birthday). There were trips to Lowe’s, and a lot…