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Traffic Control

Easter is a week away.  Did you know that?  Because I didn’t.  I mean, I did–I was sitting in mass yesterday, trying to wrestle a 22-month-old out from under a pew as a priest talked about it, after all–but not in the way it applied to me.  As in, dinner and family and the Easter bunny and children’s sandals and church services.  Had no idea I have just days left until it’s here. Did you know that we missed our cousin’s son’s birthday party yesterday?  Yep.  I know, you’re upset that we’re not members of your family, right? It’s like somebody took all the days of the calendar, shuffled them together like a deck of cards, then dealt us a hand that makes no sense.  And I don’t even like to gamble. There are 13 shrubs of various sizes and shapes sitting outside part of the front of our house, ready to be planted.  This is after David convinced me that yes, the front of our house is in full sun for at least half the…