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Diatribe, Take 2

Note: I just realized I wrote on this topic last November, and frankly, I think I made my point better back then. If you’d like to read it, just click here. It’s all I’ve been hearing the last few days, on social media and from acquaintances, through the interactions David has over the course of his work day: “I don’t want to hear any more about this Sandusky business. Just tell me when it’s over.” People are annoyed, up in arms. How can they be calling this trial such a big deal? they ask. How dare the news interrupt a television program to just tell me the jury is finished deliberating for the night! they fume. People are tired of it. They’re sick of the coverage. Just make it go away, they’re saying. They don’t want to listen to accusations and the testimonies and the controversy anymore. But we must listen. We must have knowledge of patterns of violence, we need to understand the warning signs, see the holes in bureaucracy where innocent children can slip through, unnoticed, ignored. I don&#8217…