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It’s About to Get Real in Here, People

I’d already started calling it Baby Whoops.  I had a feeling this month that I might be pregnant.  I just knew it.  The symptoms crept up slowly, surely, and manifested themselves so strongly I couldn’t ignore them, as much as I wanted to.  There’s no guessing, I suppose, when you’ve been through this twice already.  You just know. But I didn’t want to know.  I didn’t want to be pregnant.  I was reveling in my not-pregnant state, my not-nursing state:  the one where I could have that wine with dinner if I wanted, and I got to sleep through the night (well, mostly, anyway, and if “through the night” means till 6:30).  I could leave the house for more than two hours at a time by myself without worrying about pumping or breastfeeding or that strange hormonal/physical tug that lassoes a mom to her infant in those months after birth.  People would ask if we’re having a third (people are nosy, by the way.  Not friends.  Friends can ask, of course.  But strangers asking if we’re going to…