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A Letter to Her Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Mrs. L., We admit, going through this process of house buying has been much more intense than we would have liked. Yes, we are under a lot of stress, and worry constantly about the decisions we are making, and the ones that others are making that affect us. There is much talk around our house about expenses, and location, and flooring. Saoirse and her siblings have spent a LOT of time in carpet stores, in model homes, in “resell” homes. She has been witness to many of our strained conversations, a couple of which may possibly-just, you know, maybe–have been a bit, uh, louder, than you, as an expert early educator, probably would recommend. But really, it hasn’t been that bad for her. Her homework is still finished for class every day. She is still (relatively) tidy, and clothed. We still tuck her in at night, and feed her when we’re supposed to feed her, and get her to school on time. Most days, anyway. So you know, we hope–but we write this letter just in case, because, you know, you never really know–we hope that…