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Boredom, Revisited

I was talking to David about this earlier while he was at work. He’ll tell you he was rushing from one appointment to the next, trying to grab some lunch before he hopped in the car for another 40-minute ride. I think he spends his days having wonderful, intelligent, laughter-filled conversations with other adults before taking a nice lunch break in a cute restaurant, either with a co-worker or two, or even, even (!) by himself. Funny how the other world seems to glow just a bit more when you’re looking at it through a window you haven’t washed in a couple of months. Staying at home is a lot of tedium. That’s like saying hockey can get bloody, or Kate Middleton has good hair. No kidding. Any job can have a lot of tedium, or a lot of stress, or those days that seem to fly by more quickly than possible, and those that drag more slowly than my 2-year-old when I ask her to put her cup in the fridge. I think the twist about staying at home, though–this full-time parenthood gig&#8211…