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The Mighty Stands Up

I was sitting on a blanket with Cian, keeping an eye on the girls, who were splashing around in the wading area of our community pool.  It took me a second, but I realized that Saoirse was looking at me, and that she was crying.  My mama heart seized up for a moment. A little boy–and by little, I mean, he was bigger than SK–had taken the new toy boat she’d brought from home and was playing with it, taunting her, splashing it back and forth so that the water was getting kicked up in my daughter’s face. SK had been asking him to stop, from what I could see.  Now she was looking at me, wanting me to tell her what to do, to intercede, to do something. I bent down to scoop up Cian, my heart pounding now because you don’t mess with my kid, and looked up a split second later to a scene I never, ever expected to see. Quinn was walking away from that boy, trudging up the grass toward me.  She had Saoirse’s boat in her hand. “That boy took Saoirse…