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When I was twenty-two, a friend and I rented an apartment across the street from Swarthmore College, in an ancient building I hated before we even signed the lease.  We were poor, my friend and I, both starting out in publishing, not even making two thousand dollars a month, and the place was within walking distance of the SEPTA train to our jobs in Philly, so we took it.  The apartment had once been grand, and the rooms were large. Then we were told the elderly resident before us had died in the kitchen.  Bugs, as it turned out, had taken her place. The elevator was one of those gated contraptions from–I swear–before the time of the Model T and Prohibition, and was broken most of the time, and everyone on our floor, including me, swore the place was haunted. Well, aren’t you just glad you decided to read this post? It gets better, honest. One of the worst features our “historic” building–even worse than the creatures tap-dancing in our kitchen–was the decrepit laundry room in the basement of the building. It was dirty, and dark…