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Let’s Just Focus On That

Cian, as I mentioned, took a tumble down our (wide, wooden, steep) staircase a couple of weeks ago. No, we did not have a baby gate up, because a) he wasn’t CLIMBING stairs when we moved houses, and b) we needed to get a gate specifically for this staircase, and well, we hadn’t yet. Please see letter a) as to why. Rookie move, I know. And yet. Now that my hysterical weeping, existential self-analysis as a mother, and vows to move into a nice little rancher are behind me, the only part I haven’t blocked out as a method of avoiding PTSD is what strangers said when they saw the massive black eye on Cian’s beautiful, little, 15-month-old face (Easter Sunday mass with that bruise was fun. At least we gave people something to focus on when the sermon went a little long, right?). And I can tell you this: the reaction a boy gets when half his face looks like a rotting eggplant is much different than when a girl gets a bruise. Saoirse, or Quinn, if they had gotten hurt? Well: “Oh, you poor wittle baby…