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Getting What We Wished For

We took the girls to an amusement park yesterday–an amusement park which, as we discovered only after pushing 70 pounds of girl in a double stroller all day, is comprised entirely of hills.  Hill that go up, both ways. But it was such a good day.  SK had an absolute blast, Quinn was happy as a clam (who came up with that phrase?  I assume that this is a clam who’s contentedly residing in some ocean, before he’s about to meet some linguine and white wine sauce, right?).  We got there when the park opened, figuring we’d probably be able to make it to four, maybe 5 o’clock and get home in time for dinner and baths.  See, we are ride people.  Roller coasters, especially, with bonus points for extra speed and extra drops and a missing floor, perhaps.  But this time last year, Saoirse was terrified of amusement parks, and spent a lot of time weeping and shaking before finally getting on a mosey-around-the-track automatic car.  This year, we hoped, some of our DNA would start to rub off.  We hoped she’d be brave…