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Getting a Little Meta Up in Here

Want to hear something creepy? Sometimes, when Cian’s face is right beside mine, and I hear his little lungs working, I breathe in as he breathes out, so that I’m breathing the air that just left him. I know. Go get my straitjacket. I did it with all of my babies (I love how I say “all of my babies,” like I had a herd. Three is a lot. But three is not a herd). There’s just something so…I don’t know. Pure. Amazing. Miraculous. His breath is from the same lungs that were practicing this move a year ago, inside me.  He was once a part of me. I was once a part of him. And now he’s here, almost nine months later, growing because of me, or in spite of me, I don’t know, but regardless, he’s flourishing. And it’s awesome (I mean that in the awe-inspiring way, not the “dude, I just totally scored a coupon for a free pumpkin spice latte!” way) to witness. His bedtime feeding is my favorite part of the day…