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You Say Frittata

We’re eating a looot of eggs around here.  I  mean,  a lot.  The ladies at the farmers market are already moving to the cold case by the time I approach their kiosk on Fridays.  Which I guess is a good thing, since they’re all sorts of healthy (the eggs, not the ladies, I mean, though I’m sure the women are great, too).  But I’m making a bit of a switch from just throwing them into cookies (we also eat a loooot of cookies.  Stop lecturing me) and using them as meals.  What meals, you ask?  Because I know that you, sitting there (hi!) in front of your laptop, taking your only 15-minute break of the day while the baby sleeps, would so rather be reading about eggs than, say, Kim Kardashian getting flour bombed at an event (flour? really?  That’s not very nice, people.  I imagine that stuff is a pain in the butt to wash out of hair extensions). So back to the eggs.  You know how you read all these articles about the magic of creating salads with all the leftovers you find in your fridge?  That…