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Yeah, Well, I Suppose So

Someone asked me today, “So, do you still have your house for sale?” “Sort of,” I replied. Yeah. I said sort of. No wonder my acquaintance looked confused. I elaborated.  “Well, there’s a sign in the yard, but we’re not really acting like we’re trying to move.” Then I made a bunch of noise about not having found a house we like yet and haha there’s so much folded laundry in the bedroom waiting to be put away we’re out of luck if we have a sudden showing and we’ll see what happens. What I didn’t say is that I’m still working on the landscaping and we’re going to open the pool in a week or two. Or that we’re going to power wash our wide deck this weekend and arrange the outdoor furniture. Or that Saoirse excitedly pointed out a monarch butterfly yesterday that had alighted on a dandelion flower, and we spent the following 15 minutes discussing how nectar is sort of like juice from flowers and it gives food to buttterflies…