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For the Record, I Wrote this After Their Bedtime

I came home from the gym last night after David had tucked the girls into bed. If that magical window of time between David getting home from work and Cian needing his bedtime feeding is wide enough, I’ve been trying to fit in some exercise in the evenings–to be able to move again after nine months of Cian in my belly and c-section recovery feels like what a former prisoner’s first meal in freedom must be like, except maybe not as greasy.  And since our house has grown smaller than those little boxes that Panera Bread uses to package your sandwiches, I either trek outside (brrr, so no) or to the gym. Last night, my class ran late, and I ditched out of the cool down early (I can breaaaaathe in and out in the car well enough, thanks) to race home, convinced that Cian would be screaming his head off in dire need of his mother. But the house was quiet when I entered. Cian was dressed and ready for bed, the girls’ room was dark and quiet. David admonished me for being so worried (“We’re fine. Relax…