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A Little of This, a Touch of That

“See? They’re green around the middle.” “No, I think they’re gray.” “Well, where would she get gray eyes?” “My uncle has gray eyes. And didn’t your dad have gray eyes?” “No, they were green, Leah. Well…maybe more a green-gray…” David and I were sitting on our bed this morning staring at Quinn’s face while doing some mental DNA site mapping, when all the poor girl wanted was some stinking juice and breakfast, already. It’s a typical conversation for us, and one that I wish wouldn’t come up quite so often. Despite all my pre-children absolute refusal to do so, parenthood has turned us into Master Comparers: When Saoirse bends a ball around the backyard like Beckham, well, she has to take after her soccer player dad. When Quinn keeps crawling across the room to take a swim in the dog’s water dish, despite our interventions, it’s obvious she has my stubborn streak. Saoirse has her dad’s almond-shaped eyes and resembles her godmother Kayla when she was…