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Who Needs a Baby Book?

If this blog were a person you’d meet on a playground somewhere, you’d never, ever become friends with it because it never stops yammering about its kids, and we all know how annoying that gets. But this blog, thankfully for me, isn’t a person, it’s a fancy internet journal thing, which means that I can yammer away ALL I WANT, because I can’t see you rolling your eyes.  Ha ha! And a mama bragger is born. I find myself jotting down the kid-ish stuff that falls out of our girls’ mouths. A lot of it ends up on Facebook or Twitter (or both, at the same time, because I’m lazy with my social media like that) because OH MY GOSH, my family and friends and random classmates from the 7th grade absolutely have to hear this, but I wanted a place that was more permanent (and easier to read, because have you ever tried to find an old post on your FB wall? Yeah, I know). That, and my children (like yours, of course) are so stinking adorable you just have to see what they say…