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Dewey over Dublin

We just returned from our first–yes, first–week-long vacation as a foursome (Fivesome? Four-and-a-utero-some?).  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve gone places before, and we’ve visited the beach every year–my gosh, people, it’s not like I keep us locked in a closet–but this is the longest time we’ve ever been away just by ourselves.  My close family members jetted off to Ireland last week to see Notre Dame’s season opener in Dublin.  Many years back, after our own big family tour of Ireland, this had been a trip David and I talked about with my parents and brother about taking together again–because it’s NOTRE DAME in DUBLIN, man–but alas, David and I started procreating adorable young children, and some other family members decided to do some of the on-site Guinness tasting we’d be missing out on. So we went to the beach.  The four of us, in an adorable, overpriced beachfront condo in our favorite small Delaware beach town.  We went to the beach, and we went to…