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They’ll Just Wear Name Tags to Their Job Interviews

Listen. I know our kids have, uh, rather unique names, okay? You don’t have to remind me, fellow mom I run into at the store, or you, the 19-year-old Wegmans cashier who tells me that she would NEVER name her kids names like mine, because what if they want to become doctors one day, and no one can pronounce the names on their resumes? It’s much better, says the young woman, to name your child a normal name, then totally spell it an unusual way to confuse everybody, like she did with her Lukas (with a K instead of a C, thankyouverymuch) because WHAT IF THEY WANT TO BECOME DOCTORS?? A lot of you know I first heard the name Saoirse when I was an undergrad. I was working as a resident advisor in an all-female dorm during my senior year (only because my dear–but rather protective–parents refused to let me move off campus, and being an RA was pretty much the only way I could remain on campus as an upperclassman and still hold my head relatively high. Well, as high as a 21-year-old living in…