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Talking about My Dinner Again

It was an epiphany. No, silly, it wasn’t like like Saul suddenly becoming a Christian, or Isaac Newton getting bopped in the head with a Granny Smith. This was an epiphany of the domestic sort, of the suddenly frugal sort, of the ugh-I’m-too-tired-to-make-dinner-and-there’s-all-this-leftover-crap-in-the-fridge sort. My epiphany? The “Whatever You Want for Dinner” dinner. Yeah, I know. My Nobel is coming next. The “Whatever You Want for Dinner” (heretofore known as the WYWD, because I don’t feel like writing that out again) dinner is basically all of our leftovers from the last few days heated up and spread out in the middle of our dining room table. But the trick is–and this is important, parents–I don’t tell the girls we’re eating leftovers. I seriously tell them we’re having the WYWD, and that they can eat whatever they want for dinner. They will hear no orders to try their vegetables, or finish their milk, or stop licking the ketchup off the plate. They can choose…