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That’s a Bunt

Whenever I write these posts, I try to keep in mind that I’m doing this so that 20, 30 years down the road, the girls or David and I can read them and get a good idea of what life was like way back when. Yes, I realize that I’m assuming none of us will have anything better to do in 30 years than sit around in our pajamas all day reading decades-old blogs, but humor me. This little blog thing helps keep my feet planted on the ground when everything else is flying by or falling down around my ears. But today I have nothing. No central story, no anecdote. Just: 1 draft of a snarky-yet-professional email to our real estate agent telling her we’re taking the house off the market until our contract with her runs out. Right now it’s more snarky, less professional, so I need to work on that 1 toddler who will not remove her hands from around my leg at any time during the day, even when I’m trying to a) shower, b) wash the dishes, c) change pants 1 little…