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Do You Hear That? Me, Neither

It’s like we turned a corner, suddenly found ourselves out of that sketchy neighborhood, and can now unlock our doors and sit up straight in our seats. It’s as if that awful fist fight between Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama really was just a bad nightmare after all, and I’ve woken up to find that I’m not really stuck in the body of Topher Grace, and I don’t have live on the set of That 70’s Show with shag carpeting and tiny, tiny televisions.  I feel like the rain clouds have moved away, and I’m twirling on the mountaintop, arms outstretched, petticoat swinging, hurling my happy voice to the tops of the clouds and the floating birds. The children are getting along. Do you hear me, people?!  The children. are getting. along.  Getting along getting along getting along!!  They’re playing together and beside each other and in the same room and they’re GETTING ALONG!! Hallelujah.  Let the choirs sing the glory, shall we? Last week was what I would call a “lost week.” The kind of days where there&#8217…