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Whatever I Did Couldn’t Have Been That Bad

It was a gift. My mom brought it with her one day late last winter when she came to watch the girls while I went to an appointment. It was a harmless present, she said, and gave it to Saoirse with a smile on her face because she thought SK would love it. I gave my mom a look one would not call appreciative. “What?” she asked, seemingly innocently, with an expression on her face that was supposed to seem surprised, but I knew. This was payback. This gift was retribution for the stomping and yelling and general attitude of my teenage years. My mother was laughing because she knew she could leave this house, shut the door, and walk away while I still stuck inside, hands clapped over my ears, cowering in fear from the sheer horror that was the gift. And SK loved it. She had it with her all the time, followed me around the house with it, gleefully played with it first thing in the morning, right before bed, standing right beside me while the stereo played softly and I hunched over the cutting board, preparing food for dinner, trying not to use the…