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I Really, Really Like Her

She’s leaned out, you know. My Saoirse–she got out of bed one morning and she was a rail. Just, a rail–tall and thin and lanky, all lines, no swells–all of a sudden a kid, a big kid, I mean, like the ones I see in the parks and at the mall and going into school. She’s one of them now. My Saoirse Kate. And I’m so excited for her. She bears the weight of the firstborn personality, my Saoirse. She’s sensitive, so sensitive, quick to cry, first to identify something as unfair. But she’s also the child who so very much wanted a guitar for Christmas, and when she noticed none under the tree that morning (her godmother was bringing one later), turned to me and quietly said, “I guess Santa didn’t think I needed a guitar,” and went back to the gifts in front of her. I hope this helps her become an empathetic adult. She has a sense of self that is strong. She knows what she likes, and she likes: pink, yellow and black. Airplanes, cars, and…