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Hell on Wheels

It was so hot. My mom and I had planned to take Saoirse and the mighty Quinn to a local wildlife park Monday.  It’s one of those places that prides itself on its showcase of herds of imported animals, mainly from Africa (because it’s not torture enough for us Yankee humans to endure these Pennsylvania winters…), and along with a petting zoo and reptile house, its main attraction are these safari vehicles (sawed-in-half school buses painted in camouflage.  Genius, I say) that tour the grounds.  Since I seemed to have thrown all of my ethics regarding animal welfare out the same window I tossed my vow to never own an SUV, I thought it might be fun. It was really hot. I had a doctor’s appointment that morning that ran late (yes, I’m alive and well.  Thanks for your concern, though!) that morning, so we decided to venture out after the afternoon naps.  Because absolutely nothing screams “good time” more than an hour’s ride at 4 in the afternoon in the middle of a 98-degree July day on an open bus covered in vinyl…