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All Too Real

I didn’t know it was there, but the Friday David and I took the kids to the aquarium, we walked around Inner Harbor for a bit–our old stomping grounds, David kept telling the kids, and even though they’re too young to understand how special that place is for us, they’re definitely old enough to roll their eyes at yet another story. What we didn’t know when we rounded the north side of Baltimore’s World Trade Center, though, was that we would come face-to-face with one of the most sombering sights I’ve seen in recent years, and that our children, who will learn about this day in their history books, saw for the first time evidence of what changed the lives of the grown-ups around them forever. The Baltimore World Trade Center hosts a memorial that includes three steel beams from the 94th to 96th floors of what was the north tower of the New York World Trade Center, so twisted together–fused, according to Wikipedia–that they look like one. They rest on limestone from the Pengaton’s damaged wall…