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It Adds Character Anyway

I set aside these two hours this morning to write. Something, anything: a new blog post, the end of another blog post I started two weeks ago and never quite finished, bits of the new novel that’s slowly starting to take shape, even though it should probably get developed less slowly and more quickly, because, hello, Leah, time doesn’t stop just because the cat barfed on the carpet again. The girls are in school, and Cian is playing with two toy trucks and a plastic Olaf beside me on the couch, singing to himself and occasionally calling out, “MOM. Toot toot.” I’m trying to push the shoulds out of my head–the “what I should be doing” thoughts, which are everything from taking a shower, to switching out the clothes that are draped all over Quinlan’s bed, to sweeping the dried oatmeal out from under the table, to calling the doctor because why does my back hurt all the time am I really getting that old, to writing up a meal plan for next week because ugh it’s that time already, to finding music for…