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What They Eat Around Here

Leah cooks a lot at home. She likes it, and her husband David does the dishes, so it works out, other than the tiny issue that she’s largely a vegetarian and lives in a house full of carnivores. So here’s what they do: she cooks a totally meatless meal one or two nights a week (yay, TOFU!), chicken or fish the others, and once in a blue moon, red meat–she’ll either make a vegetarian substitution for herself these nights or deals. The other nights are inevitably take-out, restaurant meals, make-your-own pizza or “choose your dinner” leftovers. Lately she’s been trying to follow the nutritionist Amelia Freer’s positive nutrition pyramid as a guideline for family meals, to positive feedback from the 10-and-under crowd. What do you know.

Like most families, hers tends to repeat a lot of the same meals over and over again. Many of the following recipes have been some of their favorites over the years (though they’ve moved away from some and have been using new ones she will post in time). Fair warning: Leah’s not a food photographer, nor pretends to be, (largely because more often than not she’s too busy actually eating the food to take pictures of it), but she’ll try her best from here on out. We hope you enjoy them.

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