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Leah would love to meet with your class or group to discuss writing, publishing, and her debut novel, All the Difference. Kindly fill out the contact form to get in touch.


  1. Alexis McDaniel | 27th Sep 15

    Hi there! It’s Alexis, one of the many people you met at the writer’s conference in New Mexico. I’m home and surfing around the internet and clicked on your site. It looks great! Wow, I’m impressed you did so much work pregnant and with two other children. That was always a great excuse for me when I was a young mom. You really should be so proud of pushing forward. I am the one who “won” the raffle critique with your agent. Yikes! I’m so excited though! So now I’m taking all of those ideas from the conference and putting them to work before I turn over those 50 for a good lashing! It was great meeting you and your story is encouraging. I’ll be reading your book soon! Good luck on your future books too. I was just looking at MM Fink’s site — she’s Peggy right?? That’s where I clicked through to yours … Shew, I’m exhausted from the travel.

    • Leah Ferguson | 30th Sep 15

      Hi Alexis! Of COURSE I remember meeting you–how do you feel now that you’re back at home? Are you ready/excited to get back to the writing? Katie will give you solid feedback–she loves to edit, knows how to make a project sell, and will be sure to give you lots of notes to think about. So happy you won the critique! Thanks so much for the kind words, too. I came back from NM much more relaxed about juggling it all, which is something I don’t ever say (ha–A pep talk from Darynda should be a requirement at every retreat!). Please keep in touch–I want to know how it goes with the critique and everything! And yes, MM and Peggy are the same. MM is what she writes under. 🙂 Take care! Thanks for dropping me a line!

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