They’ll Have Fun Whether They Like It or Not

Are there any family activities your children absolutely refuse to do with you? I’ll give you a hint what ours is.



A couple weeks ago, on a late afternoon after the Saturday soccer/errands run, I suggested to David that we go for a quick hike on a mountain trail that’s about ten minutes from our house. Before I could even ask the kids to join us, Quinlan called out from another room.



“PLEASE do not make us do that with you.”



We went alone.



This past Saturday, on a dinner out with our neighbors, one of our friends suggested that our three families take the trip up to Ricketts Glen State Park, which is a hike I’ve always wanted to do after seeing photos of its beautiful waterfalls. When I mentioned it afterward to Quinlan, she just went, “Nope.”



The next day, in the car with Saoirse, I brought it up again. I talked about the streams and the waterfalls, and the neat experience of hiking with friends. She groaned in only the way a beloved teenager can (three syllables, eye roll, extra-slouchy slump into the passenger seat followed by a giggle).



“MOM,” she groan-said. “How is that fun? Why would we do that when we could go mini-golfing, or go-carting, or anything else other than hiking? There are BUGS in nature, Mom. Spiders and bugs and scary things THAT ARE LIVING that creep around in the woods. How can you call that FUN?”



I dropped the subject.



Because I’m stubborn, though, I brought it up later with Cian. “Hey, buddy! How would like you like to go hiking sometime with our friends?”



Cian shrugged his shoulders. “Fine,” he said. “If we have to.”



I think we’re going to go ahead and try to plan the trip.



I just know the kids will love it.




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