Because It’s True

Because It’s True

Thank you to those who reached out after my post last week: you people are something else, you know that? I appreciate hearing from sympathetic spirits, and friends, and others who just simply get that life is complicated and hard and say things like Ugh, I am so glad I’m not alone.

Because isn’t that the entire point? The not-aloneness? I ran into the mom of one of Saoirse’s soccer teammates before their game this past weekend. As everyone does when we greet each other, she asked me how I was doing, and without thinking, I blurted, “I’m here.” I didn’t mean anything deep by it–I was really just trying to not complain about how absolutely freezing it was outside, and it was the first thing that came into my head instead. The mom burst out laughing. “I love that,” she said. “It’s so true: just to be like, I’m here, and that’s good enough.”

Today, I’m popping out for lunch with my friends Barbara* and Renée, which makes me feel very lucky. I’m tackling a to-do list a mile long, I’ve got clean sheets in the dryer, and I’m staring down the edits to a manuscript I am itching to get to my agent. I’m excited to be doing it, to make progress on All the Things–except maybe folding those sheets later.

We ask each other how we’re doing. And we automatically respond, “I’m fine,” or, “Doing well!” or, “Nice day when this wind dies down, isn’t it?”



I’m here. And even though I’m happy, and the air outside feels good when the breeze dies down, here is still more than good enough. I hope you’re here, too.


* Barbara is Barbara Conrey, and her debut novel Nowhere Near Goodbye made her a USA Today bestselling author. You can learn more about her book–or even better, get it to read!–here.


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  • Oh my goodness, Leah, I was so surprised to see my name in you post, and wasn’t lunch just so much fun? But the mention of Nowhere Goodbye and the link! Well, hell, why do I even pay for ads??? THANK YOU so much, mostly for agreeing to lunch, we HAVE to do that more often, and also for you being you, because I love you SO MUCH, and then for the link to my book!

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