In a Sea of Lions

Quinlan came home with this cute project the first graders completed in the beginning of March. Each child had to decide if she or he was more like a lion or a lamb, and explain why. We were all in the kitchen when I saw it, and so the first time I read it was out loud. Here’s the translated version:

“I am most like a lamb because I am calm when my brother screams and is scared and when my sister is mean to me.”

David and I just started laughing. But Saoirse? Oh, Saoirse was aghast: “QUINLAN!” She looked at her sister in shock. “I have to see your teacher! That’s what she’s going to be thinking about me now?!”

All I could think was, join the crowd, Saoirse. I let her read last Thursday’s post. She know’s what’s up.

So, a little advice to our eldest: welcome to our world, big girl. Take it from me and your dad: just don’t make eye contact with anyone you know anymore and you’ll get along juuuuust fine.

More or less.

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