Oh, He Said It

Note: I’m blushing as I type this, and I almost didn’t post it, because I can’t retell this story without wanting to die just a tiny bit inside. But this is what you get when you’re candid with your kids. THIS, my friends, is what we deserve:

As the preschoolers filed out of the school this morning, Cian’s teacher pulled me aside.

“Hey,” she laughed. “I have something for your blog.”

“Oh, no,” I said. Mrs. O. let the comment slide, because she has a great sense of humor and this story was too good not to share. 

“We were upstairs,” she continued, “and Cian was looking up at a picture of a leprechaun. I said, ‘Hey, Cian! That looks like you.’

Cian was looking up. ‘No,’ he said. “He has a beard.'”

“‘Well, you’re going to have a beard one day,'” Mrs. O. said she told him. 

“Yeah,” he replied. And then he shrugged. “‘And hair on my penis.'”

Yep. That’s what he said, right there in the middle of the school hallway. He was only talking to his teacher, but if any of his friends heard him, I laugh to think of the conversations their parents are going to be in for tonight. Not us, though. Definitely not us. I don’t think we’re going to be caught talking about anything like that for a while.

And I’m certainly never looking at a leprechaun the same way ever again.


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