Glass half empty:

  • Woke up late. Spent way too much time on the ol’ phone before I even got out of bed (I know. Step Two. I know.).
  • Threw a bagel at the kids for breakfast, left all dishes behind on table/countertops.
  • Kids had a two-hour delay today after two days off school for snow, AND YET they were doing their homework and going through backpacks a half hour before we had to leave. I know.
  • Got showered, dressed, ready. Mascara and lipstick applied. Then got to the school with David for a meeting…only to find out from the other parents that the meeting had been postponed. Did either of us see said email or text alerting us to this? No. Nope, no.
  • I have no idea if we put the dog in her crate or not before we left. The fate of our furniture and the kids’ toys lies in the difference.

Glass half full:

  • Both David and I had our laptops with us when we left the house this morning. At his suggestion, we are now tucked into a two-top at a little indie coffeeshop one town over. He is working. I’m writing. We stop every once in a while to chat, and at one point I caught him looking at me over the tops of our computers, smiling.

I think I know which outlook I’m taking today.

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