When Writing a Big Story Takes Precedence Over the Little Ones

It’s November, and I’m thisclose to finishing the first draft of my second novel. Saoirse came downstairs after bedtime last night to ask me something, and when she sat beside me on the couch and saw the number on the word counter for my manuscript, her jaw dropped open.

“Whooooaaa!” she said. “MOM. You’re insane!” 

She’s right, you know. Any person who lets herself get caught up in her brain like this, who obsesses over word placement and verb tense and trying to braid threads of a story together so that it makes a perfect, intricate whole, has got to have a screw loose somewhere. It’s why it’s taken me so long to get to this point. I like to pretend I’m a least a little bit of my right mind.

BUT. Let’s not pretend, shall we?

I have a story to tell (and one more behind it waiting to be told, but I kind of have to finish this one first. NO PROBLEM). My kids perk up when they see me hunched over my keyboard, typing. I’m a happier person when I’m traveling in Crazy Writer Land. And, with the holidays right around the corner (I mean, right there. When did November happen?), I’ve got to buckle down on time management and get this story, finally, on paper.

So. I may not be around One Vignette very often these next few weeks. I’d like to be, but I find that my brain words best when it’s not split into two (that sounds gross, and physically, it would make sense, but figuratively, I hope you know what I mean), and right now the Brain needs to be in the Book. 


I’ll be back. I hope you don’t miss me too much (though maybe if you wouldn’t mind, miss me just a little bit, because it’s way more fun to interact with you here then just shout my stories into the abyss and wonder if anybody hears them at all). I’m writing, though, writing furiously. I’ll keep you posted on that part as I can, and I’ll probably still pop onto Instagram more often than here, if you want to say hi. 

We’ll catch up here again soon. Look for me: I’ll be the happy, exhausted one strung out on caffeine. See you in a bit.

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