So Full of It

We’re doing such a good job, I think. We don’t buy lots of toys for our kids. They’re content with what they have, I say. We regularly weed out toys they don’t use or have outgrown and give them away. We are so anti-establishment, I think. Take that, consumerism, I think some more. We are above you.

And then I realize how a) annoying my brain is, and b) I’m full of shit.10-14-16-commercials-c-holding-giraffeMy mother saw the kids the other night–David was out of town, and I’m wrecked with a cold, so she and my aunt called to say they were driving over to help out for a bit (having super nice retired folk who live within an hour radius of your house and are either related to/love you is a lucky, lucky thing). She was sitting with them, and she leaned over to say, “Now, girls. I know it’s early, but I’d really like it if you could give me some ideas of what you’d like for Christmas soon. Like, within the next couple of weeks.” I know my mom wants to de-stressify the holidays as much as she can by shopping early, so I wasn’t surprised by the request. My kids, though, were. We were headed to our local Halloween parade that night. In their minds, Christmas is miles and miles from now. I felt smug, a little bit, if you want to know the truth. I sat back, thinking, Oh, but my kids don’t even think about toys like that! 

Ha. How long have I been a parent? I should’ve known better.

Saoirse looked at my mom, and her eyebrows were drawn together in confusion. “But Grammy,” she said. “How are we supposed to know what we want? We haven’t even seen the commercials yet!”10-14-16-commercials-cian-holding-giraffe-2She said that: the commercials. She hasn’t seen the toy commercials yet to know what she’s supposed to want. My mom laughed, and I picked my jaw up off the floor and told her that we’d work on a small list, knowledge of trendy toys or no. I hereby hang up my hippie flag, you guys. If you need me, I’ll have skulked off to some dark corner to gather up the dust of my idealistic dreams and mope around for a bit.10-14-16-commercials-cian-watching-tvThough it looks like that dark corner is going to be in our local Toys R Us. Don’t judge me. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

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