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Daily Archives: June 17, 2016

You’ll Not See Nothing Like the Mighty Quinn

If you know Quinlan, you know that she is, well, a character. She is smiley, and affectionate, and has no problem covering you with kisses if she feels that you are worthy of them. You know that she skips and jumps and twirls instead of walks, that she loves to draw and imagine and ask questions that make a person’s head spin. She has the loudest cry of any of our children, maybe of any child–if she is hurt, you will know–and will not hesitate to speak her mind if she feels she needs to. She insists on being heard. She is our family’s biggest protector, our biggest bodyguard. She just turned six, and seems to be growing straight up instead of out, like a piece of taffy being pulled from both ends. She doesn’t look intimidating. If I looked like her when I was young (which I did) I sure as hell would not have the gumption and strength that this girl does (because I didn’t).  And yet.  This school year was tough on her big sister. Saoirse became a part of a group of some of…