Sick Day

He ‘s been fighting a cold for over a week now, along with both sisters, on and off. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t tell where one child’s infection ends and another’s allergies begin. I took both him and Quinlan to the pediatrician this morning, certain they had sinus infections. Both were declared healthy and well, so one child got dropped off at school just in time for recess, and the other and I stopped by a local cafe on the way home. The sick boy requested carrot cake at 11 o’clock in the morning, and carrot cake he got.

Cian cakeHe’s beside me at home now, under a blanket, playing with a toy stethoscope while I catch up with writing work on my laptop. I finished most of that carrot cake, of course. He didn’t want more than the tiniest of bites. Turns out he just wanted an excuse to sit down at a table for a while and hang out with me.

I didn’t mind at all.

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