And Then There Was That Time I Double-Checked the Thermometer

Note: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and only just now posting it. I am, as they say (don’t they?) BOL: massively, completely Behind On Life. I’m catching up, though. I hope. Well, I think. (But mainly hope). 

Cian came down with a rotten cold over the weekend, and handled it as all 3-year-olds handle bad colds: he spent a day on the couch, not eating or drinking and watching lots and lots of Chuggington, and by the next day, he was bored of the TV and back to playing with his cars and his trucks and wiping his dripping nose on his sleeve.

Today, Quinlan is home from school with that same cold. It’s in the early stages–slight fever, red eyes, congestion–which means it’s enough to plant her on the couch for the day (Super Buddies and My Little Pony are the viewing choices for this one), but not enough to stop her from being, er, Quinlan.

3.15.16. Quinlan home sick. Q feet“Can we have a snack?”

“Can we watch TV?”

“Can we watch Super Buddies? No–My Little Pony? No! I want to watch Super Buddies. Can you turn it on?”

“When’s snack?”

“Can we go to Starbucks?”

“Is it snack time yet?”

“Mom. Snack?”

Please know that I’ve only documented what was said in the last two and half minutes. It’s only 9:30 a.m., you guys. NINE-THIRTY. We have a whole day to go, and possibly tomorrow. The child is supposed to be sick. If Cian’s cold was any indication, this virus is going to be a doozy. But…aren’t sick people with sore throats supposed to have a tough time talking? Isn’t Quinlan supposed to want to, you know–take a breath?

3.15.16. Quinlan home sick. Q drawing 2I love her. Dearly, I love her. This child is quiet and and shy and so, so meek in public, but you’d never know it at home. You’d never, ever know it, and my golly, if she asks me for food one more time–the kid doesn’t even weigh 10 pounds more than her brother: she’s all elbow and knees and constantly growling stomach–I might bring her back into school, tissues and fever and pajamas and all, because her brain has not yet caught up with her immune system. It doesn’t know it’s under the weather. It can’t know. There’s no way. Because I’ve never met a child who can be ill and still so very chatty.

“Mom? Super Buddies is over. Can we watch another one? And can we have a snack while watching it?”

3.15.16. Quinlan home sick. Q drawing 3It’s 9:37 a.m. Pray for me.


  1. Sarah Ferguson & Choppy | 15th Mar 16

    You know you visit a lot of dog blogs when you see “BOL” and immediately translate it to “Bark Out Loud.” As in, the dog equivalent of “LOL.” And yes, there is a “MOL” for “Meow Out Loud.”

    File this under “things that are unnecessarily clogging my mind and preventing me from knowing useful things, like my husband’s phone number.” But that’s what the Contact List on my phone is for, right? In related news, my parents can never, ever change their number or I won’t have any number memorized that isn’t my own.

    Well, that was quite a tangent there.

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