Follow Me, Oh Follow Me…

Hello, friends! As you can see, One Vignette has gotten a bit of a makeover, which I’m thrilled to share with you. If you are a previous subscriber and would like to continue to be contacted every time a new post goes up, please type in your email address in the box to the right, over there, just to make sure it’s a seamless transition.

If you are NEW to this site, or are someone who checks in once in a while to see what you’ve missed, please subscribe as well, so you don’t miss a post! I appreciate knowing you’re with me on this crazy journey, and it’s fun to know I’m not just typing into the wilderness, hoping someone hears my screams/laughs/cries for help. Hee.

Take care! I’ll be back soon.



  1. Sarah Ferguson & Choppy | 28th Aug 15

    How did I miss the blog makeover? It looks great – in the words of Outkast, so fresh and so clean!

    • Leah Ferguson | 31st Aug 15

      Oh, thank you so much, Sarah! The old site was giving me issues I couldn’t fix so I used it as a good ol’ kick in the pants to go self-hosted, which I’ve wanted to do, but kept putting off (it wasn’t as scary as I anticipated, though I do think I’m besties now with some of the support team behind this one).

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