Though I Have Had Better Ideas

I went grocery shopping with all three kids. Everybody was off of school Monday, and we were out of eggs and milk, so I took them grocery shopping.

Could’ve watched a movie.

Could’ve taken them to an indoor trampoline park.

No. I took them grocery shopping. All three kids, two of them free-standing, not corralled to a cart. By myself. During the holidays, when people act about as friendly as a porcupine with hot sauce in his eye. When the aisles are filled with stocking stuffers and red foiled-covered candies and everything Frozen, just BEGGING for tiny bird voices to beg their parents for a treat before those tired parents finally break just to get thirty flipping seconds of peace. I took my three children under the age of six to the grocery store.

Better Ideas. 12.2.14. SK Milk 2

Silly mama.

What’s even better is that I decided at 10:30 to go, but by the time I got them all herded together and in semi-appropriate clothing (Saoirse’s white socks with glitter-polka-dotted knock-off TOMS were her own doing), it was 11:30. You know how it works. By the time they were buckled in to their car seats, it was almost lunch time. And yet I took them grocery shopping. Which usually takes an hour, without three semi-famished children in tow.

Better Ideas. 12.2.14. SK Milk

And they were fine. Of course they were. My kids were fine. Because my kids are well-behaved. They are good, and sweet, and kind, and it’s meeeeeee that’s stressing out, me that’s making sure no one gets kidnapped or led down an aisle by a scary stranger with red foil-wrapped candy, me who wishes it wouldn’t make me look bad if I picked up a 6-pack of that holiday beer to drink with lunch.

Just me. The kids are all right.

Better Ideas. 12.2.14. Girls milkBut you knew that already. Because you’re probably so smart you go shopping alone.

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