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Hi, everyone! I’ve been debating how to balance One Vignette with my author site, leahfergusonauthor.com. I want to keep my professional site, well, professional, of course, but since so many of you have been rooting for the writing stuff just as much as you want to hear about how my kid fell down the stairs and I refused to show you photos of his black eye (you did, right, want to know about that?), I figured that I could do this:

When I blog about writing, I’ll mostly keep those posts on Leah Ferguson, Author. But I’ll let you know that a new post went up by popping onto here and giving you a link. How does that sound? That way I’m not littering your morning inbox with articles about me having dinner with my agent and driving her all around downtown Lancaster (SO many potholes when you keep getting lost in alleys…), when all you might want is a funny story about how Quinn says she wants to be a police officer when she grows up, but only a girl one. But if you want to read the new blog post on my author site, just click on the picture below.

As always, thanks so, so very much for reading. If I were the type of person who signed off by saying, “Hugs!”, I totally would right here. But I’m not, so I can’t, but you know I mean it.

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