Because Hall-Decking is On the Schedule

I had plans for today, you guys, PLANS.

002A half a foot of snow was expected this morning, they told us. Refreezing of the wet roads from yesterday. Awful driving conditions, we were warned. So what did this mama think? NO SCHOOL, she thought. Yay! she said. We’re gonna Christmas this place up. I was giddy.

015So I let the girls stay up late to watch a holiday special on TV (in my defense, they were already all hyped up from a gymnastics class, and then their dad took them out afterward for frozen yogurt, and then…wait. That doesn’t make this sound any better. Never mind). I scoured my recipes for cookie ideas. We were going to bake today. We were going to curl up under a blanket with popcorn and hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. We were going to put the last of the candy canes on the tree and play outside and were going to have a day worthy of Norman Rockwell, so help me.

034You see where I’m going with this, don’t you? I was a teacher for what, five or six years? You’d think I’d have known better. And yet…

…I woke up to empty skies and a clear driveway.

036Bah, humbug.

012I checked my email. No delays, though the weather forecasters kept saying the snow was a-coming. Checked Facebook. Nothing. Checked the news, online, on TV, out the window at the crisp, clear air. Meanwhile, the girls were fast asleep, out cold, not moving an inch well past the time I was supposed to be getting them up for school. The kitchen and living area I’d ignored my children the day before to tidy up and clean stood empty, mocking me with its sparkling mixer and just-washed measuring cups. And I grumbled more than is really acceptable for a grown woman to do when she didn’t get her snow day.

011The girls are in school right now, playing with their classmates and making crafts with their teachers. Their baby brother sleeps upstairs in his crib, fighting off yet another cold his sisters carried home from school (on their shoes, which he likes to eat if they don’t pick them up fast enough. Don’t judge me. Your babies have done it, too. They have, right?). A few flakes have begun to fall, I’ve got a cup of coffee beside me, and the dog just rolled over and went back to sleep. I have laundry to put away, and boxes to pack, and Christmas shopping to finish. I wanted this day–this break–more than they, I think. I mean, I know I did. But they’re happy. And when they come home, we’ll pick up where my plans left off, and get some cookies in the oven.

038We’re gonna Christmas this place up. It’s finally started to snow.

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