They Will Remember This Fondly So Help Me

Fall is my season, and I was ROCKING it on Friday night.

There was mulled cider in adorable teacups at the table (plain cider for the wee kiddos, brandy-fied for the grown-up types who’d just suffered through all that rainnnnn and needed the excuse for boozed-up warmth). We’d made popcorn the Pinterest (or Alton Brown) way, with some kernels zapped inside the microwave in a brown paper bag. I thought it was the novelty of it that made my popcorn-despising eldest child shove entire handfuls in her mouth, but nope: “I was HUNGRY,she said. (I guess I didn’t mention that she’d just picked at the leftovers we’d had for dinner, but that sort of doesn’t fit into my autumn-is-awesome theme, other than no dishes on a fall day makes this mom a very happy one. See also, brandy cider)

It was warm inside, and chilly and damp out. The spice candle was a-blazing, the pumpkins that adorn the tabletop pushed aside. The girls were eating their way through a surprise dessert while Cian stared at them in toothless envy from his spot on David’s lap. I was doling out the bingo cards from a Halloween game I’d found in the dollar section of Target (a small victory being a big enough victory in the stay-at-home mom’s world). I was smug, and calm (CALM I was calm when am I ever CALM), and just all, yay, we’re making family moments the kids will remember forever.


And then I spilled the cider everywhere, and a tired Cian started writhing in his father’s lap, and Saoirse looked at the game in front of her and said, “Uh, Mom? How am I supposed to play this? You know I can’t read.” And then I had to scramble for a pen to jot that down so I could tell you about it today, though it’s really, really hard to write when you’re laughing so hard you can’t see.

See? I told you it was an awesome night. Especially after I wiped the last of the cider from the table and just started drinking the brandy straight from the bottle.

I’m kidding, of course. I’d already put most of it into the cider.

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